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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saltwater Fishing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Fishing in the Gulf on 9-Ball Fishing Charters

Saltwater fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico on 9-Ball Fishing ChartersI had the opportunity to do some saltwater fishing on the Mississippi coast last week. I chartered a boat out of Long Beach and fished for cobia (also called ling or lemon fish) and redfish primarily. I was able to book a fishing trip with 9-Ball Fishing Charters owned by Captain Barry Deshamp.

We left Long Beach Marina around 7 AM. The weather all day was great with a light wind and temperatures in the 70s. We first caugh some live bait near the harbor to use later. We then went out a few miles into the Gulf of Mexico.

At first we were fishing for ling. The captain set out some chum to bring the fish in. We fished hard all morning and only caught some small sharks which we released. Late in the day we came in closer to shore and fished for redfish. I caught a nice 40 inch redfish that put up a good fight!

40 inch redfish caught in the Gulf of Mexico

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is still in the process of recovery almost three years after Hurricane Katrina. But there are plenty of hotels and casinos now open on the coast. There is also opportunities to do some fantastic saltwater fishing with my friend Captain Barry Deshamp and 9-Ball Fishing Charters.

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