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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Pictures from around Mississippi

Shrimp boat leaving dock at Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Pictures from Around Mississippi

Wood carving with chain saws in Jackson, Ms
This post contains some pictures I took around my home state of Mississippi during the last year. The picture above is a shrimp boat out of Ocean Springs heading into the Gulf to catch their prey. I bought a few pounds of large shrimp before I left the coast and have enjoyed cooking and eating them after I got home.

The next two images are of wood carvers demonstrating and exhibiting their work in Jackson at a gun show. They do their sculpting with chain saws.

Pictures from Mississippi by Tony Payne

Their finished wooden sculptures are quite detailed and very impressive. Most of their designs were unique animal figures. It was fun, and loud, to watch them work on their carvings.

Below is a picture taken of Choctaw Tribal Dances during the Archaeology Expo last fall in Jackson. This was the first of this annual event held at Millsaps College. The Choctaw dancers were a big hit with the audience.

Choctaw Tribal Dances at the Mississippi Archaeology Expo in Jackson

Red snapper caught by Tony Payne in the Gulf of Mexico

This is a picture of me with a red snapper I caugh in the Gulf of Mexico on a recent fishing trip with Captain Ed. Sorry I couldn't muster a smile. It was a hot day and hard work reeling them up from the bottom ... but at the same time a lot of fun to catch and eat.

To learn more about visiting Mississippi and seeing what it has to offer visit the Mississippi Division of Tourism.

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